Quick Facts about Mary Luciano

Personal Mission

“To change the world one fruit, vegetable, nut and seed at a time!”

Things I absolutely cannot live without…

My Green Star juicer, My Vita Mix, regular osteo, physio, chiro and massage care.

Favorite Healthy Foods you’ll find in my Fridge

Raspberries, cucumber, celery, almonds, lots of sunflower sprouts & seaweed like Nori & Dulse.

Favorite Energy Boosters

I am a big raw and living food enthusiast so I love to have anything green. Green smoothies with a scoop of my favorite raw vegan protein powder Sunwarrior and green vegetable juices are my favorite energy boosters. 

Favorite Treat Food

Any raw sweet treat from my favorite raw and living foods restaurants, Rawlicious and Live Organic Café, and Pure Organic Food & Juice Bar’s Vanilla Mylk Shake.

Favorite Whole Green Food Supplements

E3live, Vitamineral Green.

Favorite Protein Powder

Chocolate Sunwarrior Protein. (click here to learn more about Sunwarrior)

Favorite things I love to do…

Travel, going to the spa, relax by water on a beach, journal and meditate.

Favorite Music

70’s and 80’s, classical rock and pop, anything goes really as long as it has a great beat and I can dance to it.

Favorite books to read…

Self-help, spiritual, raw food, nutrition, fitness, health and healing, and a good romance or suspense book.

A few things you may not know about me…

Love to ballroom and Latin dance and going to the opera or theatre.

Favorite all time TV Show

I Love Lucy.

Favorite Movies

Anything Martin Scorsese produced or directed or a good Alfred Hitchcock suspense.

Fitness Role Model

Rachel Mclish, the “queen” of body building and first time Ms. Olympia.