Mary Luciano, the Raw Food Trainer & Health & Fitness Professional

Mary Luciano's Professional Biography

Mary Luciano is an up and coming ‘celebrity’ in the raw food and national figure competition and fitness modeling industries.  Mary’s story and experiences have astounded fellow competitors, models, and individuals even in the raw food community

Along with being featured in Healing Our World, Hippocrates’ Health Institute International Magazine, and following a nearly completely raw food program, Mary placed 3rd in her very first fitness bikini competition in 2008. Within 1 year she was able to catapult herself to the top of the Figure ranks with a 5th place finish at the Ontario Provincials qualifying herself to become a National Level Figure Competitor!

A raw food and fitness trainer as well as speaker, Mary has been involved in the fitness and health fields for over 20 years. After years of researching nutrition, fitness and natural health, and attempting to also overcome an autoimmune disorder she discovered the raw food ‘way of eating’ in 2002.  

This has also led Mary to offering new training programs for both those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle through to high level competitors and athletes who wish to follow a raw food regime in a way that is effective, healthy, and suitable.

Mary’s love and passion for healthy living is definitely contagious. With what seems like boundless energy and the inspiration to enrich her life and the lives of others, she encourages others to find their own path to wellness, think positively, dream big, and to persist.

Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a teacher for the York District School Board, in Ontario, Canada. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor and holds a Fitness and Lifestyle Management Certificate. Mary also educates others about the benefits of raw and living foods, and is a “Living on Live Food” Level 1 Chef and Raw Food Coach.

Mary has been featured in international fitness magazines such as ExtraFit, Inside Fitness, Healing Our World, Xtreme Lifestyle, Pose Down and Living Foods & Natural Lifestyle where she writes about raw food, healthy living and fitness.  Her education has had a worldwide influence.

Some of Mary’s further accomplishments also include:
Completing the Toronto Marathon, the Niagara and Barrie Biathlons, and the Subaru Adventure Races.

Mary’s home base is Toronto, Canada.